Corporate Training
Today's corporate success can be attributed to technically enabled employees. At Srujana Technologies we help you achieve effective and well-executed training programs for your employees and ensure they are self-sufficient, productive and a greater asset to your operations. Srujana Technologies training programs are rated top class by participating organizations. We put a lot of emphasis on delivering top-quality training programs, which are tailored to suit the requirements of the client organization, level of the participants and their prior familiarity with the subject etc. We have a formal and rigorous process of internal training, evaluation and certification of our training professionals, to ensure that the programs delivered by them provide delight to the participants at all levels: fresh entrants, junior, middle and senior management candidates across sectors. We ensure Corporates get benefited from trainings by ensuring high caliber, well experienced faculty, deliver the participants hands on training, in ideal training environment and customized approach. We specialise in providing on-site corporate trainings. We focus on achieving our client's vision for their company and enable our trainee's mindset to consistently develop and display leadership qualities in multicultural business environments and achieve personal goals through organisational goals. Our end goal is significant improvement in our client's human capital efficiency and enriching recruitment quality and support tangible success in retention strategies.
Classroom Training
Class Room Training
Our faculty can deliver tailor made customized training right at your organisation. We have seen benefits when training onsite, as there is no outside influence, the training is focused solely on your needs. Also there are no employee travel expenses, and learners have less time away from work and home. At Srujana Technologies we bring our trainers insight, knowledge, and various teaching styles to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Be it training on enhancement sets, new modules, or for new staff, we deliver tailor made custom curriculum to match your requirement.
Training Available On
  • .NET
  • Java
  • SQL
  • Testing
  • Oracle DBA

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